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04.07.2002 - Day 10

We awake in the morning and have a leisurely breakfast of fresh fruit (from Robert is Here fruit stand). We take a short walk along the ‘beach’ near our tent. The tide is definitely out – the edge of the water where we sat last night is now nothing but goopy mud.

We regretfully tear down the tent and, with heavy hearts, organize the RAV4 – packing all our diving gear that’s strung all over the vehicle. On our way out of the park, we stop at the Royal Palm Visitor’s Center. The bartender the night before had promised us that there was a boardwalk with a view of all the alligators we could want to see and no mosquitoes. Speaking of mosquitoes – I look like I have the measles! Seriously, I have at least 20 bites just on one arm between my elbow and my hand! Thankfully, they aren’t too incredibly itchy…

The walk at the Royal Palm is definitely worthwhile. We see tons of birds and even more alligators, not to mention incredible foliage. Before we know it, it’s time to begin our drive back into the city and find the airport. As the Alamo employee drives the RAV4 away, I realize just how attached I have become to the little guy. 

Well, it’s time for this trip to come to a close and also time to decide what our next diving adventure will be… we’ll keep you posted!