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07.29.2001 - Prequel

It was a hot and humid Sunday afternoon. Kurt and I were setting out for a long and adventurous bike ride around town. I'm not quite sure if it was the heat of the day or the desire for a new adventure that prompted our intrigue as we cruised by the neighborhood swimming pool. There, near the deep end of the unopened pool, a lone figure was donning diving gear, preparing to slip into the cool water and stay for a length of time in a place we could not stay. It was an unconquered world for Kurt and I. One of intrigue and adventure the likes of which we could only imagine. It took just one glance between the two of us to convince us both that this pursuit - diving - was to be our next quest.


So after a little research into the sport of diving, we found an instructor in the Manhattan area, went through the proper course work, took all the tests, performed the necessary procedures in a closed water (pool) setting, and found ourselves at Table Rock Lake in late September. After completing the required check out dives at the lake, our instructor informed Kurt and I that we were officially licensed Advanced Open Water Divers. Being the ambitious type that we are, Kurt and I couldn’t settle for just the initial diving certification. The Advanced Open Water Certification allows divers to go deeper and gain experience in several diving specialty areas. If you’re interested in learning more about diving certifications, visit www.padi.com.


So what do we do now that we’re certified SCUBA divers? (To Day 1)